Process & Workflow.

Design/Workflow Process

Step 1: Kick off / Initial Meeting

Talk about the scope of the project, discuss project content, and define goals. This also helps review/define the project timeline for when phases can be completed/delivered.

Step 2: Research and Discovery

We'll evaluate your project and environment and seek opportunities to use a combination of technology and design to successfully meet your project goals and deliver your online content for an effective and clear user experience.

Step 3: Concepts

Here's where the creative action starts. We'll boil everything down from the previous two steps and try to match your vision for the project. Depending upon the project timeline and budget, a number of diverse concepts can be developed at this stage.

Step 4: User Feedback

After you have a chance to review the concepts, we'll listen to your feedback and incorporate the adjustments before moving on to the full buildout.

Step 5: Functional Product

This is where all the technical work gets done. We'll use our experience to build the product you are looking for - from CSS to PHP; Content Management to Databases; Flash to Javascript.

Step 6: Testing

This is where we put the test site and/or fully built example up on a development server, and we can see if the product is meeting the needs of the project, review cross-browser functionality, content administration usability, and user experience.

Step 7: More User Feedback and Final Adjustments

Step 8: Project Completion/Delivery - Launch!

Step 9: Project Follow-up

We won't leave you hanging, we'll follow up with you after launch. We'll be here to take care of anything that may have been missed and ensure everything is running smoothly and as expected.

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Studio Capabilities

We offer a variety of diverse in-house creative and technical expertise, including but not limited to - web design/development, interactive media, motion and video graphics, print design/layout, 2D animation, email campaigns, touch screen and digital display applications, and identity/branding.


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