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GENERATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS: The Key to Better Understanding your Clients, Staff, and Sub-Contractors

The content of the lecture, in addition to follow-up research, blew me away with respect to how many behaviors of 'my generation' were not unique to me or an ingrained part of my personality, as I originally thought. Instead I began to see a bigger picture with improved clarity. I realized that even though I know, as we all do, the general characteristics of our various generations... I just simply didn't realize the extent of the behaviors and belief systems that are part of a collective whole based upon upbringing and generational experiences. I was fascinated to learn...

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NOT WITH EVERYTHING: But With Web Design... You Get What You Pay For

Additionally, I believe people forget that a website is more than a one time product purchase, instead of realizing it is a continuously evolving online presence that importantly represents their company, organization, message, or brand. Your web project will need maintenance and updating. If you hire a professional to design your website, you will already have the connection you need to make changes and updates to your site from the person who originally put it together and who is already invested in your success...

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LESS IS MORE: Why Your Web & Design Projects Are Better Off With Small Agencies or Freelancers

Our struggling economy has created an intensely competitive environment in all industries, not excluding creative services. It seems overrun with an extremely diverse choice of designers, agencies and the like to build your website, design your print materials, promote your image or add flare/interactivity to your project...

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UNDERSTANDING DESIGN & LAYOUT: The 3 Levels of Visual Syntax, Gestalt Theory & Visual Techniques

Visual syntax are the guidelines for constructing compositions. Basic elements of visual syntax and their manipulative techniques can be learned and understood by anyone interested in visual media to create clear visual messages...

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